The Coalition for a Livable City is an alliance of community groups advocating for a city that is people-oriented, ecological, and human scale. A city with sunlight, views, architectural character, and real grass roots democracy, that is livable for all people, not just those who can afford high-end lifestyles. Instead of business as usual, we take the reality of climate change, species loss, and social and cultural crises seriously enough to demand real visionary solutions to perennial social, political, and practical problems. While our current administration pursues a strategy of deregulation of development which threatens our communities, our eco-system, and our democratic process, we seek to overturn the recent ordinances and regulations that have taken decision-making powers away from the citizens of the city and handed them to developers and expensive outside consultants.  We aim to strengthen our ability to determine the future of our city. 

Our alliance came together over shared concerns about the following trends in local government:

  • Dismantling of public processes (development review, brownfield and wetlands protections, historic    preservation, zoning, etc.)     
  •  Weakening of Neighborhood Planning Association (NPA) influence on governmental decisions
  • Developers’ interests put before community interests
  •  Conflicts of interest within city government
  •   Betrayal of real solutions to housing affordability
  • The myth of trickle down market-rate development that justifies developments of all kinds 
  •   Betrayal of environmental principles of preserving lake and air quality and the preservation of green space
  • Public-private partnerships that sell our streets, parks, and skylines to private interests
  •  Simulated public processes (like Plan BTV), which waste money and time to create a pretense of participation while, in fact, working to justify pre-established agendas.


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