Write to your Councilors and Planning Commissioners to Tell Them Your Concerns!!! 

City Councilors: 
Sharon Foley Bushor:             
Tom Ayres:
Sara Giannoni:                      
Adam Roof:
William "Chip" Mason:         
Selene Colburn:
Max Tracy:                                  
Jane Knodell:
Kurt Wright:                               
David Hartnett:
Karen Paul:                                      
Joan Shannon:

 Planning and Zoning Commissioners:

Yves Bradley:             
Bruce Baker:
Lee Buffinton:                               
 Emily Lee:
Andy Montroll:`                                       
Harris Roen:
Jennifer Wallace-Brodeur:

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  1. Hey Folks, sending this to all of the emails above: While I was living in Burlington this winter I had to go into the mall once. It was the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday and it was EMPTY. The articles I read keep talking about how we need to re-vitalize the shopping there, but I was actually shocked at how REALLY empty it was. Here's my take on it. PEOPLE IN VERMONT DON'T LIKE TO SHOP IN MALLS. I'm sure folks have said this before. People live here and move here and do business here because, in part, we are NOT a mall culture. I can't stand going into them. I think they are relics of the past and they're ugly and uncomfortable. That same day I went into The University Mall and it was empty as well. I hadn't been in a mall of any kind for at least 10 years (because I hate shopping in them) but again, I was shocked at how empty they both were. How does it make sense that a bigger mall gets built? I understand there are more uses for the tall buildings that they want to build, but none of it makes sense to me in any way. People who live here and who visit and shop here, want to feel like they're NOT in New Jersey shopping.They can go to Anytown USA and get their cookie cutter dress or pair of shoes, or Latté. As I travel around the country and see one after the other Starbucks, GAP, Victoria's Secret, Panera, American Eagle, Chik-fil-A etc etc that look exactly the same in each city....even what proximity they are to each other, I reflect on and appreciate our small shops which seem to be run by PEOPLE rather than corporations.I don't want to walk past 50 stores I'm not going to shop in to get to the one I need! I like parking near a store I need to shop in and then going in and getting what I need and going home! I'm moving back to Burlington as soon as I can because it is a beautiful and truly unique small city, and I plan to take part in working against this ridiculous building plan! Peg Tassey