Friday, August 12, 2016

First City Council Work Sessions on the Zoning Change TONIGHT, MONDAY, AUGUST 15th, 6 p.m.

The city's marketplace update tells us to come show our support for more housing, better retail and services, restored street connectivity, more jobs, vibrant streetscapes, and a stronger economy! Wow, great! But wait a minute...all of those things are supposed to come with 15 story buildings, luxury condos, a developer whose last company went bankrupt, and a city government that keeps pushing through a huge zoning change without any of the information they need to make good decisions?!

Join the Coalition for a Livable City at the City Council Work sessions in asking serious questions about the undemocratic process that has brought them to pushing through a zoning change that contradicts our comprehensive plan, is illegal spot zoning, and would destroy the livability of our city without providing significant affordable housing, without a plan to treat storm water, without considerations of parking, traffic, or other infrastructure issues.

MONDAY, AUGUST 15th, 6:00 (Public Forum at 7:30), Contois Auditorium

Following sessions probably to come on:

August 18th

August 22nd

August 24th

The Marketplace officials say, "Let's embrace a vibrant, growing downtown, where people can work, live, and play all year round. The future of Burlington depends on it".

The Coalition for a Livable City says, let's embrace democratic process, ecological stewardship, economic justice, and due process by rejecting this insane zoning change. The future of the planet depends upon it.

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  1. A vibrant, growing downtown is nice, but it's not about housing projects or skyscrapers. And as far as I can tell, people work, live and play all year round right Now! The future of Burlington should be shaped by good decisions.