Wednesday, June 8, 2016


If you are concerned about the zoning change that will allow the mall project to go forward, please show up at the planning commission meeting this Thursday, June 9th, at the Police Station. The Burlington Business Association is calling in their troops (many of whom live out of town) to speak in favor of the project. Since the planning commission is only allowing people who have not yet spoken on this topic to speak during public comment time (which will be shorter than usual since this is a work session), IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO GET NEW VOICES AGAINST THE ZONING CHANGE AND THE PROJECT TO SPEAK AT THIS MEETING!
When the usual voices are not allowed to speak, and other people assume that the usual voices will be there to speak, the voices in favor of the project swoop in to fill up the space and the planning commission can be swayed. Please, if you do care about due diligence, democratic process, and preserving our zoning to protect views, quality of life, and a human-scale community, show up early, sign up, and speak!!

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